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Volleyball Sideline Chants PDF Print E-mail


A x-x-x-x C x-x-x-x E x-x-x-x
Ace, Ace, Ace

Bump, Set, Spike To Score
You Gotta, Bump (pause) Set (pause), Spike To Score
You Gotta Shuffle, 2, 3, 4

Set It, Spike It
Set It x-x, Spike It x-x
That's the Way x-x, We Like It! x-x
Set It (x), Spike It (x), That's The Way (x) We Like It (x)!

Rip It Over The Net (serving)
(player's name) Get Set (x-x-x-x)
Rip It Over The Net

Bump, Bump, Bump, Set It (repeat 3x)
Spike That Ball

Set It Up
Set It Up x x
Spike That Ball (stomp) (stomp)

Bump, Set, Spike, Score
Bump, Set, Spike, Score
What Else Is A Volleyball For?

Side Out, Falcons, We Want, Side Out

Shake It
Bump, Set, Spike
Shake It To The Right

Super, Super, Super, Super
Our Team Has Got The Power
They Say We're So Bad
But When We Spike The Ball
You Know You've Been Had!

Bump, Spike, Win
Bump, Bump, Bump It Up
Bump That Tiger Spirit Up
Spike, Spike, Spike It Down
Spike That Voileyball Down
Win, Win, Win That Game
Win That Volleyball Game!


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